We recently painted and I wanted to try to keep them decent from now on. Borax is an effective, inexpensive natural mineral that works well in a number of cleaning situations, including cleaning painted baseboards. Best ways to clean the baseboard. It is an easy task to tackle in a couple of hours if you are up to doing your whole home, or in smaller increments if you prefer going room by room. Just try eliminating the dust from the area and that will … Magic erasers, found in the cleaning supply aisle, can be a game change with scuff marks. Clean corners, edges or details using cotton swabs dipped in your mixture of water and dishwashing liquid. By Deb [4 Posts, 2 Comments] Page Cleaning Painted Surfaces. If you’re using cloths, this is where the towel or yoga mat come in. Let us get into the nitty-gritty of how to clean baseboards; SPECIAL REPORT: How to Clean White Walls Fast and Without Damaging Paint? Simply use the broom to reach in hard places to clean as well. Dry dust your baseboards using a microfiber cloth or your vacuum cleaner attachment. It can be found in the laundry or cleaning aisle of many stores. I love that the amount of liquid is controlled so you won’t have an overturned bucket of water or puddles everywhere. It can be found in the laundry or cleaning aisle of many stores. Wipe dry immediately. White baseboards very quickly get gross and grubby, especially if you have an old apartment or just a pet with dark fur. It took 2 long days and 3 coats but now our white baseboards are picture worthy. They can bend down a lot easier than I can! Set up fans to help your baseboards dry before returning furnishings to their places. This is particularly good … When was the last time you cleaned your baseboards? Becky, thank you for sharing this post. One of those mini brooms would work just as well. This will remove the dust so that it doesn't just get pushed around with your cloth. How to Clean White Baseboards. Mudroom baseboards pick up a lot of grime, too, because your family tracks dirt in from the outdoors. Easy method to have pretty and clean baseboards with little effort! Use Wet Wipes. It inspired me to clean our white baseboards and paint them with a fresh coat of white paint too! This … Using a barely damp microfiber cloth, a bar mop towel, or a well wrung out sponge, wipe as you go, rinsing the cloth or sponge frequently. Until I met my cleaning hero! Your email address will not be published. How do I clean them and is there anything I can apply that will keep them cleaner longer? Pick the one that matches what simple ingredients you have on hand or who in your home is doing the cleaning. Because you deserve the best all-natural cleaning & laundry supplies. Baking soda toothpaste is an effective household scuff remover that will lift scuffs quickly and easily. Use your vacuum cleaner brush attachment to clean loose dust or dirt. When your cleaning water looks dirty, drain the bucket and make a clean batch of soap solution. If your baseboards are really dirty use a bleach and water combo to get the dirt off. 4.) Save. Required fields are marked *. New Flat Rate Shipping and Free Shipping on Orders $125+. They can really take a beating! Mix ingredients together in a bucket. If you have white baseboards, you know that they tend to show dust and dirt a little easier. If you don’t happen to have any on hand, you can also substitute your favorite dish soap that you would use for hand washing dishes. Just grab a cotton swab from the bathroom and dip it in the cleaner, gently wiping … So, you’ve probably wondered how to clean white baseboards, or really any color baseboards, at least once in your life. Dip a clean microfiber cloth in the bucket and wring it out so that the cloth is damp, but not saturated. This site uses cookies. The narrow gap between baseboard and floor becomes a part that is quite hard to clean. Left without cleaning, baseboards can get pretty grimy, so you definitely want to include them in your spring cleaning routine.Fortunately, cleaning baseboards is fairly easy, though the task does require you to move some furniture. Dust them – Grab a Swifter or a broom to clean the baseboards. Rub gently on the marks or stains, until they’re gone. For example, use a bucket of soapy water or a mixture of vinegar and water to clean. Wipe the baseboards with the cloth in sections. If the thought of cleaning the baseboards in your home sounds daunting and more than overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Lightly Sand. Video Playback Not Supported. If you tend to skip cleaning baseboards check out how to clean baseboards like a pro to get them clean. Combine a few drops of dishwashing liquid and about 2 quarts of warm water in your bucket. There are many ways to achieve clean, fresh and beautiful baseboards so add it to YOUR spring cleaning list and try one of these 10 methods for making this task a little easier. All content copyright 2021, Clean Mama. Depending on how dirty your baseboards are, you might need to switch the water and soap out as you go. First, remove any dirt from the baseboards by a vacuum cleaner. Use an electrostatic dusting wipe or wear microfiber socks to rub along the white baseboards. Magic Eraser – One way to clean the baseboards is using a Magic Eraser. Now this was after 8 years of abuse. Curious what I vacuum with and how I use those attachments? Wipe down the baseboards with your dampened microfiber cloth, making sure to change out your cleaning solution when it starts to look murky. I have RA and can't get down to clean them. Combine a few drops of dishwashing liquid and about 2 quarts of warm water in your bucket. To start, you will need a bucket of warm soapy water and a microfiber cloth (I love these microfiber cloths from Amazon). Ugh. Flag. The Cleaning Wipes Method. Next, wipe the baseboard with a cloth dampened in a solution of one galllon of warm water, one cup of vinegar, and a few squirts of Dawn dish soap. I have oodles of DIY cleaning posts – here are a few favorites to get you started! Drench it into the cleaning mixture move it carefully along the gap. Glad the baseboard turned out so nicely! Wipe down the baseboards again with a clean microfiber cloth (this will remove any particles left on there from the abrasive hand pads. This … They get gross. Here’s how to clean baseboards in those hard-to-reach-spots, like the crevice between the trim and flooring. Three steps to clean baseboards. It even can be used to clean the upper part of baseboards. Brilliant suggestion! Share. Cleaning baseboards is one of the tasks on my monthly calendar (free here and also in the Homekeeping Society subscription). Thoughtful & practical tools for your organized life. By navigating the site, you consent to our use of cookies. Wipe down the baseboard with a barely moistened cleaning cloth. Your email address will not be published. Stir to dissolve. Yes, this option is the least eco-friendly of the three, but it is perfect for kids and their nimble knees. One of my knees which is bad with arthritis i go to physical therapy so I guess my girls should do this or get a cleaning lady! Just be sure to wring until damp and not dripping. 1. This cleaner can be used on both painted and wood baseboards. A vinegar-and-water cleaning solution (mix 2 tablespoons white vinegar with a half-gallon of warm water) also works well for removing grime, or, for really stubborn areas, mix a paste of baking soda and water and rub on the trouble spot using a nonabrasive sponge or cloth. Start by dusting, using a cloth/rag or a vacuum cleaner which does a great job in … Natural products you can trust, for a consistently clean, happy home. Baseboards, they’re a pain to clean in every way possible. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time and your house will look so much better! I frequently vacuum the baseboards on Wednesdays when I am already vacuuming. Kneel on one or the other while you work to help keep the pressure off your knees. The Easy Way to Clean Baseboards. This is a task that can be included on kid’s weekly chores so that dirt and dust doesn’t have as much of a chance to accumulate. I have these on hand for the kids to clean with. Nothing seemed powerful enough to remove the gunk. I took your suggestion a couple of years ago and gave this job to kids! A. Ready for some options? Water left … Enter your email below for your free printable guide outlining the 4 parts to The Clean Mama routine. What kills me the most is that I have a bad back. Clean With Dish Soap. Print. 0. Squeeze toothpaste containing baking soda onto the scrubbing pad, and scrub the marks. After this, use dryer sheets to create a dust-repellent layer over the wood and reduce future stains. Easy method to have pretty and clean baseboards with little effort! Then use the dryer sheet to clean your baseboards. I will say that when I did clean them (scuff marks from vacuum) I had to scrub with a magic eraser to get the job done. Clean the area with a damp rag to remove toothpaste residue. No rinsing required. Dry dust your baseboards using a microfiber cloth or your vacuum cleaner attachment. I try not to rub them with the vacuum and just use the attachment again the walls. You might just find a much less painful way to get those great results. Check out this post. Each time I bend for too long, I will feel a stabbing pain, imagine cleaning a baseboard with a back like that. Grab a box of cleaning wipes, and, well, wipe. And thank you for your kind words! To clean this part, you can benefit from a cotton swab. Sick of coming home and feeling overwhelmed by all you need to accomplish? If you did significant patching with wood putty or filler, or if the baseboards are old, … Get Rid of Dry Dust and Debris. Mix a bucket of warm water, liquid dish soap and vinegar. Are you ready for a new way of cleaning? How to Clean Baseboards in 2 Easy Steps. Borax is an effective, inexpensive natural mineral that works well in a number of cleaning situations, including cleaning painted baseboards. I have THREE cleaning options to choose from. Natural cleaning solutions tend to minimize pollution to air and water sources. Like baseboards — you know, those narrow strips of wood that line the base of interior walls. Then wipe the baseboards with baby wipes or any cleaning wipes. Email. For details and controls, see our updated Privacy Policy. 5. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It’s something we’ve addressed for you in this guide. After Cleaning Protection