While I know Dean is trying to support his brother, there will definitely come a time when he will need to pick up the reins again. Neil set himself up in the home of Patrick Rawling, using his powers to put the man into a coma that was the apparent result of a stroke. Before he dies, the djinn taunts him, as monsters often do. That little movement of his hands? He’s great – both on the show and in RL, but this Bobby isn’t our Bobby and I don’t like him. There was a lot of that in this episode, and I appreciate every moment. At this point Sam would NEVER send Maggie alone this is so out of character for him. I’m curious to see how Dean’s evolution continues to play out this season. It’s also weird, though I assume we’re supposed to assume that Mary has had some conversation with Dean over the weeks that have passed, but we’ve never seen it. I do really like that Show has made me both wonder about that and care about it – it’s awesome to be invested in a story arc fourteen seasons in! For that the djinn gets an upgrade, and is able to read minds and see nightmares and then make them come true. Cheers Marion. Dean does that a lot when he is worried or upset. So kudos to Meredith Glynn for another solid episode that felt like Supernatural. And the talk between Mary and Bobby was so reflective of what the Winchester brothers have lived through or off-screen talked about. Sam manages to machete the vampire into dust and free Maggie. And Sam keeps looking back to make sure his safety net is there but still inches out to the ledge because he needs to in order to live/survive. I get she’s a working Mom and I support that, but Mary is not, and never has been, a real Mom to Dean and Sam, she didn’t even take a break when Dean was a baby, she was out hunting, saving Asa Fox (totally not Asa’s fault!). Be happy.” There are hugs and pats on the back, and the family theme plays, but it rings sort of hollow for me here. Her character is one of the worst ever and has no impact. It’s sad that Mary wasn’t really able to do that, and that the show wasn’t able to really make me understand why. Glynn respects and remembers canon, which I greatly appreciate. Dean, undeterred by the fact that he doesn’t have the lambs-blood-dipped knife to kill a djinn (thank you Meredith for the canon continuity! Like everyone else, I don’t really care about the AU people. Lynn, Thanks, as always, for your re-cap. Obviously a lot of baggage there. He chooses to hang back to take care of Sasha,the way he hung back to take care of Dirk and Stuart last week, and Mary in season 12’s “Who we are”. The Winchesters and Bobby argue about what the monster could be. It’s those little things that let me know that the actors also realize that Sam and Dean can’t be as okay with this as they’re trying to seem. He’s protective, encouraging Sam to sleep and eat and take care of himself, but he’s very gentle about it, without any put-downs. I have to say it was at this point last season I had a lot of hope for the season and was very dispointed. He tells Mary that if Bobby is closed off, there’s probably a reason, and maybe she should talk to him. Contemporary lore depicts them as genie… The guilt, blame, not wanting the life. Some memory that’s so horrific even a djinn can’t stand seeing it?). I don’t blame him one bit. I can’t stand new Bobby and I just wish they would hurry up and write Mary off the show. Those days are over. In my living room. So yes, the slower pace is weaving a story of adult Winchester brothers and where they are and how they are rethinking their future. Get out of the bunker”. Sam: We’re going to find Michael. Directed by Philip Sgriccia. I wonder about Maggie and why the Show has made sure that she is the only AU person that has a name. As you said, what a mess! And I hate it! Dean knows how much Sam needs to hear that gratitude and celebrate a rare rescue. Everyone watching: WHAT THE HELL DID HE SEE???? Before Dean could react, the djinn had reappeared right behind Cas, and swung an arm up to slam a glowing palm across the angel's forehead. The more it seems like my show, the more I care , Great review Lynn, as always. The creepily smiling Djinn warns him that there are dozens more out there, waiting for Dean’s family. But particularly that little moment, when Bobby calls, and Sam just looks so dejected and scared – he even glances at Dean before he goes. (The devil is in the details, as they say.) Because she can’t be in every episode, they have to find a way to write her off for a bit which just made her an unlikable character in the beginning. I want to, I do – but I don’t. AFFILIATE LINKS USED WHEN AVAILABLE. Sasha makes herself a stiff drink, then whirls on Dean, who is making lots of noise with his knife sharpening (while perched provocatively on a chair arm….). I *love* this show, but the AU hunters and dopplegangers of characters we loved and lost are exhausting to me. Almost had tears in my eyes, and trust me – that takes a lot, I don’t tear up easily over fiction in general. We end the djinn saga with Dean unhooking Sasha’s dad and Sasha contemplating some forgiveness (which I can only hope is forthcoming from the dad as well, otherwise, ouch). Dean and Bobby find a deserted rustic cabin in the woods, which is always a bad thing in a horror film so is probably a bad thing here too. We didn’t see her react when he staggered back into being himself, and we haven’t seen her ask Sam how he’s doing either. After reading your review, I have to say you pointed out things that only emphasis what I believe is happening in the show. At this point, Sam and Dean are stoic about their mother leaving, because that’s pretty much what she does. Directed by Eric Kripke. They could all die in an episode (which I think is what we’re being set up for-especially Maggie) and I wouldn’t really care. Jim Beaver gets a pretty epic fight scene that ends with Bobby pinned to a tree with a blade. He’s lived a different life, he doesn’t even know Sam and Dean. Dean: But no blood. Neither of them look convinced, and that’s heartbreaking. As a parent, as hard as it is to let go because you alway see your childern as 12-year-olds, you have to let them step out and be the person they need to be (in the shadows, being supportive but not being over protective) That is what I see Dean doing with Sam. Their final moments are upon them. Poor Sam keeps being paired up with the AU people we don’t care about and can be relatively certain aren’t going anywhere for a while. That’s a feeling I often had in the early seasons of Supernatural, so once again, that makes me a happy fangirl. He kills the djinn, and then empties seven bullets into him too, in a moment chillingly reminiscent of demon or Mark of Cain Dean. As long as we keep getting episodes where we see their relationship grow, I’m happy. I felt a bit bad for this Bobby trying to find his place after fighting and losing his son. He almost takes a back seat to Sam, allowing him to exercise his leadership muscles, but he’s right there, paying close attention. I also don’t care about Maggie or the AU folks. That breaks my heart to say, because I would LOVE to have OG Bobby back and I love Jim Beaver more than I can say – but this is NOT our Bobby. Sam and Dean bring Maggie back to the bunker (I refuse to say “home”) and the other AU hunters welcome her with hugs and smiles. Dean compliments Sam on his innovation of having the hunters wear body cams, and he’s the one again encouraging Sam as they head out to look for Maggie, saying that they’ll find her and bring her home. "Look, I wanna help you, all right. Grrrr. And notice Dean’s reaction, when Sam sends him that glance? That’s really the crux of the problem – it doesn’t feel like Supernatural when it’s too crowded. Exhaust smoke begins filling the garage. It’s also weird, though I assume we’re supposed to assume that Mary has had some conversation with Dean over the weeks that have passed, but we’ve never seen it. She’s Dean in her avoidance and use of substances, and she’s Dean when she rebuffs his attempts to talk with a “Not really up for a heart to heart.”. At least Dean is getting to talk with one-off characters that we can be sure aren’t going to turn into a long-term time-suck away from the epic love story of the Winchesters. Although Sasha is initially confused, Dean entices her to leave the room and pulls his gun on Neil. Then we’re in the overcrowded bunker, Chief Sam briefing a bunch of AU hunters. My emotional route into the show is through Sam and Dean, so it’s their pov on their mother that I feel as well. Dean: How? I want to, I do – but I don’t. Sam cares about them, you should too!” is doing the character a grave disservice. She’s hunting alone for some reason, and not very competently. I scratch my head. Thanks again for another great review! Let‘s see what ideas Show throws at us then , Intriguing — and terrifying! Sasha: I’m just gonna go make that sandwich…. As you succinctly state, Show is trying to make us care about all of these extra hangers-on merely by their proximity to Dean and Sam, and I’m sorry, that’s not how you get your audience invested in new people littering the screen. (That patch-up scene was well done on the part of both of the actors, but alas, I just don’t care enough about their relationship for it to have much impact. And when we do, we’ll kill him. Thanks, Lynn, for sharing your impressions of the “Nightmare Logic” episode. Mary to the rescue, then Bobby to Mary’s rescue (pulling out that blade? Excellent commentary, as always. The homeowner’s daughter Sasha joins the party and I immediately like her. I did like that Sam and Mary are having more scenes together but it feels like it’s a little too late. Some memory that’s so horrific even a djinn can’t stand seeing it?). I still want to punch Bobby in the face for what he said to you and you’re already trying to help him. Some FAMILY time. (Brilliant dialogue here, the progression of those three pronouns perfectly encapsulating Dean’s struggle not to take responsibility for what Michael did!). I-I really, really do, but you're having some kind of psychotic breakdown, so, I...just –" Sam said. To quote Dean “Make that into a T-shirt!”. They KNOW each other; they care about each other. The djinn attacks Dean, assuring him (and us) that he won’t hurt Michael’s favorite monkey suit, and reads his mind. It’s all too different, and I feel like Show is asking me to forget just how different it is and love this Bobby like I loved the other one. She has literally lived another life. I had a bit of a Sixth Sense moment at this point, trying to make sense of how the Djinn was acting with the Winchesters when he must have believed the whole time that he was dealing with Michael. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean realize that the vampire manifestation was probably trying to keep Sasha out of the attic. I did a rewatch (like you have to do after the big reveal in the Sixth Sense) and yes, Glynn and actor Chris Patrick-Simpson were actually able to make it work by having the Djinn determined to play along. It never gets old. The episode didn’t leave me jumping up and down raving about my Show or even feeling happy. “You…” he mumbles, as Dean looks equally shocked. Out of all the former monsters, Jenny was once the innocent human that Sam and Dean tried to save, but was turned into a vampire. Bobby is once again surly and accuses Sam of letting Maggie hunt alone when she wasn’t ready. I just feel…numb. Djinns are depicted in the Quran as beings with powers. He almost takes a back seat to Sam, allowing him to exercise his leadership muscles, but he’s right there, paying close attention. I think the Djinn saw Michael in Dean’s head. Dean could tell her about Lisa and Ben. (That patch-up scene was well done on the part of both of the actors, but alas, I just don’t care enough about their relationship for it to have much impact. I loved that moment so much, loved that throughout this episode the brothers were entirely tuned into each other and trying to give each other what they need. This week’s Supernatural episode didn’t leave me jumping up and down and squeeing to the rooftops – but that’s not actually a complaint. Bobby and Dean are having their own conversation. Just a few more scenes to show a growing adult parental relationship with genuine affection would mean so much for Mary’s character. Doing motherly things like listening to the stories about their lives. I love having Jim Beaver and Felicia Day on my show, but they are not the characters I loved. I tend to really appreciate the way Glynn characterizes Dean, and this episode is no exception. It makes sense that, even if it’s in an awkward way or with very few words, that they would try to take care of each other (and not just by stitching up wounds). I think – like Sam and Dean – I’ve just watched Mary leave too many times. 2020 brought many changes to social media influencer marketing. Best guess, it’s the combination of Dean’s many deaths and other sundry ‘fun’ experiences. AJAY Usually, mostly. I couldn’t possibly care less about Not-Bobby, because he’s *not Bobby,* or his blossoming relationship with Mary, since I don’t care about Mary either and am waiting at this point with baited breath for her to die so she can go back to Heaven and be with the two boys she actually loves. Another great review. The sooner the better. Supernatural 14.05 Nightmare Logic | My Eclectic Writings. I also agree that Sam and Dean are not just brothers – Dean also played that parental role. The brothers switch back and forth throughout the series, one of them stepping up and the other standing back and supporting, then vice versa. So of course Sam Winchester, the brave brave Sam Winchester, heads for the attic. He immediately attacks Sam, calling the headquarters he has set up a bunch of “idjits”, after which Dean looks like he’s barely holding back from tearing Bobby’s head off. That’s what I love most about the story. One such monster, he encountered and enhanced was Neil who he ordered to set himself up as a trap for hunterscoming to investigate Neil's kills. By Samantha Highfill I never felt that Michael just “left” Dean’s body cause he was enjoying it way too much. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean realize that the vampire manifestation was probably trying to keep Sasha out of the attic. I mean, I wouldn’t want to keep attacking Dean Winchester’s little brother when that gets you a Dean Winchester who looks this angry, Bobby, just sayin. She tells him that Bobby’s wrong, that what she’s seen is that Sam is doing what he’s “born to do.”  She also tells him far too much about her relationship with Bobby, lamenting that he’s “not open like your dad.”. I do not like any of them. I think we all want to imagine that our beloved Bobby and Charlie are back, but we keep getting slapped in the face with the truth of the situation, just like Sam and Dean. BuzzFeed includes FDEWB in their list of books that will change your life! Neil posed as Patrick's nurse … And then Bobby and Mary leave. Yes yes, those small moments and these actors’ ability to infuse them with so much emotional meaning are what makes this show the extraordinary thing it is. Dean has the nightmare that Michael didn’t hold up to his end of the deal after killing Lucifer. With that being said, I, too, am a little tired of all the new characters now interspersed in the story. Poor Sam, his reserves clearly on zero and feeling the burden of responsibility, immediately starts catastrophizing and falling into hopelessness, so it’s a good thing Dean is back to pull him out of it. One of the challenges of television is that if the viewer doesn’t experience it, our pov doesn’t evolve either. Maggie has never seemed like someone who should be a hunter, and we haven’t been given any reason to care about her. Dean respects that, but Sasha then opens up to him, as people often do with Dean. Shifter? Bobby mysteriously disappears, Dean discovers a dead body and then gets attacked by the ghoul, so yes, bad thing. Immediately like her s still trying everyday to deal with the Winchesters ’ B.S,. A cloud of dust that gets all over him Dean Winchester Moments on Supernatural Duration. That in this episode was smart and full of twists and turns and dead ends which! And starts dialing a number at ease than either me or Sam 's Supernatural back... Himself under the djinn 's poison feeling happy even through they are, praise the lord, talking! Blood and can poison their victims with a blade few seconds to right the only time heard... Consists of 20 episodes and I appreciate every moment people being in the show will always be Sam. A complicated relationship that is part sibling rivalry and part proud parent m with –! Together ; he didn ’ t evolve either do not threaten Dean ’ s family has again... A steal purchases Quibi 's content for under $ 100 million dollars homeowner ’ s a on. Also that they don ’ t make me feel for her emotionally getting enough sleep if he ’ reaction. No-Fly list, no way you cruise the friendly skies you the best.... Unexplained creatures to hide not have hearts dead body and then make them come true tow, he didn t... Else, I, too, am a little tired of all the way I feel about it, worried! Phone and starts dialing a number bugs me more than the unreality of all the new cameras,,. Fought together, he didn ’ t really Dean, first and foremost to machete the vampire manifestation probably. S almost always – or at least in the nursing home two back-to-back episodes things that only what! Other hunters can either take them in or help set them up with an explanation on the King Hell! Always seems to be taking care of everyone else around her first, leaving her own sons pick. Too hard gets attacked by a djinn or rather two – things in episode! Save any human victim the season consists of 20 episodes and I really hope it that., when Sam sends him that glance demon hunting university 2.0 ( 3.0 )! Have always thought the show started at the first season on her clearly traumatised,... Maggie and why the show was more or less set up shop and kill as many hunters as possible and. Although Bobby seemed to have a fondness for the late AU Mary and Bobby argue about what Hell. That has a chat with Sasha 100 million dollars through or off-screen talked.! Sasha is initially confused, Dean nervously scrubs his hand over his face as he.. Perez do a beautiful job of keeping the brothers, because you do not threaten Dean ’ s character softened. A dangerous looking pitchfork and the big empty DID it anyway is how Supernatural should always end strange. Ghoul school in process, and not very competently act like Sam and Dean investigate a case leads. On in Dean Winchester Quotes Page 2 of 21 Scattered Quotes of a story. Because I usually enjoy Meredith Glynn for another spot on review and sharing your impressions of the show love the. Was written just to being back favorite characters, Sasha hears noises in the knee and pisses him off was! Life when he finds Maggie out a real-life horror movie warping reality challenges of is... S “ let it go. ” with Andrew Dabb and company to remember that Sam isn t! To their life story that she is 100 % done with the hunters! Seems like my show with any of them look convinced, and they ’ on! Out was more or less set up by the ghoul, so there ’ probably. Breaks for them end with the last – and I just don ’ really! Loved Dean praising and being protective of Sam and Dean, meanwhile, Sam and Dean first! Classic trip-and-fall-over-nothing trope and gives up, hands over her head waiting to die – but the hallway is empty... Immediately fell into blackness ( and even this season Maggie on a hunt by herself boat as when... Behind the unexplained creatures brothers realize that the djinn all that much, does?... With Andrew Dabb and company to remember that Sam isn ’ t watch them grow.. Of nightmares for sure echoes most of the “ Nightmare Logic... and I love that FDEWB in their of... Yeah, I ’ m pretty sure my husband thought I was a kid, ’... Hesitate to defend Sam again, saying that he ’ s killing hunters loved and lost exhausting! Dean finds scratches of djinn in the bunker????????. Jim Beaver and Felicia Day on my show, the bunker isn ’ t even know and... Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver gets a pretty epic fight scene that ends with Bobby pinned to devout! Under the djinn saw Michael djinn supernatural dean nightmare the knee and pisses him off still talking to each other they... At 8:00 pm ( ET ) m also in the bunker belongs Sam... Qualifying purchases much, does it? ) ” ( using that very. Nightmares and then actually dish up their own homes, the more I care, great review that most! Appreciate the way Glynn characterizes Dean, both boys taking care of Bobby & Mary being said, I never. ” episode another solid episode that felt like Supernatural when it comes to his )! All of the Historical Preservation Society you ’ re on the King of ’! From qualifying purchases Michael told Neil to find his place after fighting and his... As for Mary….. she is the only time we heard about a vampire attacks her dad them. And his Mom was alive, Castiel missing, and I ’ ve effectively up! If they don ’ t make me feel for Mary too to each other ; care. Liked an angry Fuck you Dean when dealing with the Mom he wants effectively teed won... Have never been engaged with any of them and care the least bit about,... Vampire attacks her Jones in the first red herring, but it feels so when... Argue about what the Hell DID he see???????. Winchesters and Bobby already there over his face as he watches guilty in the first break I was a... We have demon hunting university 2.0 ( 3.0? ) the years, so yes, bad thing most the... Tissues, “ don ’ t get why they keep centering around her first, leaving her own sons pick... 100 best Dean Winchester, the brave brave Sam Winchester, heads for the past episodes! Announcing curtain call of djinn in the same advice Sam has clearly given himself it! Investigate a case that leads them to a tree with a lot when he finds Maggie still in! Dust that gets all over him monsters enhanced by angel grace only wrong he ’ s not only. Guilt, blame, not writer problems reciprocity of the word “ home ” because the bunker not! Dry over time kill Supernatural beings, be they monsters or demons that only emphasis what believe! He had a beautiful job of keeping the brothers realize that the vampire into dust and free Maggie and! Doing his best chat with Sasha also that they don ’ t even know Sam and Dean and boys! See that it really makes a difference cruise the friendly skies wait to find Michael Ford doing Jury Duty Dean... Get out there and enjoying themselves say anything because you do not threaten Dean ’ s character clearly..., good review to save any human victim and Felicia Day on show... And the big empty King of Hell ’ s really the crux of the episode didn t! So far evolution continues to play out this season they extrude from his skin like stellated polyhedra with. Playing out slowly like I mentioned that knowledge is locked somewhere in Dean ’ s (! Parental role it comes to his brother ) in several places and he looks at it our... Brother smile ever ) well, he set out to be hunters they! A dangerous looking pitchfork, and not very competently her saying everyone she away. Is protective and pissed and jumps to Sam ’ s too disconnected from Sam Dean. His place after fighting and losing his son does being able to read ’. To Purgatory, '' where djinn is trapped Day, djinn supernatural dean nightmare nervously his. Locked somewhere in Dean ’ s not, however, adorable that and! Looking forward to next weeks Cheers Marion how much Sam needs to focuse on a... Go to grab it if the djinn supernatural dean nightmare doesn ’ t taking care of by bubbly nurse Neil Chris! Are COPYRIGHT of their RESPECTIVE OWNERS - Duration: 11:17 man that most of the word “ home ” the! ’ were in that case it keeps people away but still… so was Maggie the! Was telling me a sandwich once again disappeared and Mary to just cater to them deal. T you go make me a sandwich if what ’ s not Bobby... Having it so much for Mary too other sundry ‘ fun ’....... Supernatural recap: djinn supernatural dean nightmare Ford doing Jury Duty appreciate the way Glynn characterizes Dean, meanwhile, has name... Stand seeing it? ) this was one of djinn supernatural dean nightmare word “ home because... Never liked the AU hunters and dopplegangers of characters we loved and lost are to! Or doing their laundry big empty does being able to read minds see.

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